Sourav Mukherji

Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management
Dean, Alumni Relations & Development

Sourav Mukherji teaches post graduate and doctoral level courses at IIM Bangalore. His expertise is in Organization Design and his research interest is in the area of sustainability and inclusivity. He has worked with IBM and Oracle in product management functions (1993-1998) and for the Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant (2002-2003). Professor Mukherji is an avid follower of sports, is an amateur runner and explores means of transferring lessons learnt from sports to management.


Professor Mukherji's research interest is inclusivity and social enterprises – businesses that address the needs of the poor in a financially sustainable manner. In this domain, he has published several case studies and papers in academic and practitioner oriented journals. He also received  UNDP Fellowship for Research in Inclusive Business Models and  Villgrow Fellowship for Research on Social Entrepreneurship.

Research Areas: Social Entrepreneurship, Inclusive Business Models, Corporate Social Responsibility, Organization Design


Significant Publications:

Published Case Studies:

  • S Mukherji, K Basu, and M Muller, Reliance Retail's Banana Value Chain, Harvard Business Publishing for Educators, 2013
  • S Mukherji, Rural Shores: Service Excellence at Indian Hinterland, Harvard Business Publishing for Educators, 2013
  • H Sanga, S Mukherji, and V Jha, RHCF: Reaching Primary Healthcare to the Base of The Pyramid, Harvard Business Publishing for Educators, 2013
  • S Mukherji, C Rodriguez, and S Pavisetty, LabourNet: Empowering Informal Sector Labourers, Harvard Business Publishing for Educators, 2012
  • S Mukherji and P D Jose, SELCO: Harnessing Sunlight to Create Livelihood, Harvard Business Publishing for Educators, 2011
  • S Mukherji and P D Jose, Vaatsalya Hospitals: Affordable Healthcare in Proximity, Harvard Business Publishing for Educators, 2011
  • S Mukherji and P D Jose, "IDE Nepal: Creating a Smallholder Ecosystem", Case study published in UNDP's Growing Inclusive Markets 2.0, 2010 (short version) and a longer version published in Proceedings of International Case Conference, Goa, November 2009

Conference Presentations / Proceedings:

  • S Mukherji and U P Makheja, "Inclusiveness through Social Business Models: Two Cases from Unorganized Labour Sector in India", in N M Agrawal, M G Jomom, B Varkkey, and C Banerjee (eds.) Inclusiveness, Sustainability and Human Resource Development, McGraw Hill, 2013
  • K Basu, M Mueller, and S Mukherji, "CSR Sensemaking: A Cross National Perspective", Academy of Management Conference, Boston, 2012
  • M Mueller, S Mukherji, and K Basu, "Sensemaking and Sensegiving in Culturally Sensitive Organizations: A Cross National Perspective", 2012 EGOS Colloquium, Helsinki
  • S Mukherji, "Inclusive Business Model: Experience of Developing a Course on Sustainability", Oikos Faculty Sympozium, Gronen, 2012
  • S Mukherji, "Doing Well by Doing Good: Proposing an Analytical Framework", 4th SGBED Research Symposium, IIM Bangalore, July 9-11, 2012
  • S Mukherji, "From Social Entrepreneurship to Institutional Entrepreneurship: The Case of Rural Shores". 2013 Research Colloquium on Social Entrepreneurship, Said Business School (Oxford), 16-19 July, 2013
  • S Mukherji, "Inclusive Healthcare in India: Comparing Three Models", Oikos UNDP Academy, Kaubad Switzerland, December 2009
  • S Mukherji and C Rodriguez, "Labornet: Balancing Social Value with Commercial Value", 7th Annual Sattar Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, New York, November 2010,
  • S Mukherji, "Vaatsalya Hospitals: Making Healthcare Inclusive", Proceedings of SMF International Conference on Challenges to Inclusive Growth in Emerging Economies, Ahmedabad, December 2010