• It is a movement. It is a design house. It is the future of luxury.

    Looms of Ladakh is an ethical, herder-artisan-led luxury brand that brings the cutting edge of design to heritage crafts – upskilling traditional artisans and providing sustainable solutions to preserve cultural legacies while creating exquisite collectibles that will appeal to global audiences. We are a farm−to−fashion sustainable, luxury, herder-artisan-owned brand, at the intersection of design and heritage that aims to provide a blueprint for the ecological and ethical challenges faced by the global fashion industry

    The story of Looms of Ladakh began in 2015 when the then Deputy Commissioner of Leh G Prasanna, came across a self-help group of women in the remote and troubled Chumur village during one of his routine tours. The group displayed their collection of hand−made woolen products hoping to make a modest sale. Their enterprising spirit in such difficult terrain inspired him to seek a way to help them further their work and earn a respectable and sustainable income from the same. Separately in 2013, Abhilasha Bahuguna had become aware of the dwindling interest of Pashmina artisans in Kashmir despite Pashmina being the forebearer of a highly profitable global Cashmere industry. The seed to help the people, rearing and crafting these timeless objects of luxury, earn a fairer price in the global marketplace for their craftsmanship became a driving force for my work. Given the vulnerability of the community and their arts, she felt the only way they could do that was if they banded together and had greater ownership in the industry, as active participants in the craft as well as its business, rather than being valued only for their labour.

    Ladakh being the true origin of Pashmina, in 2017 they founded Looms of Ladakh together, combining their past experiences and vision to create a sustainable, democratic institution within the nascent handloom and handicraft industry of Ladakh.


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